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Cosy Up Your Home With Wool

Cosy Up Your Home With Wool


Any country home, whether it be a country pile, manor house, terraced  property, or cottage can benefit from simple changes to give our spirits a lift as well as update one’s property.  This season’s autumnal range of colours of warm oranges, greens, teals, and browns are always great country colours. 

Also brighter but warm colours in traditional botanical, country patterns, or plaids are popular against neutral backgrounds. 

New cushion covers on your favourite sofa or bed with a coordinating throw for the colder evenings are easy and affordable.  New interlined drapes or blinds add style and insulation, eco-friendly effort which should warm our hearts too!!!

Recover your sofa with wool, you will be surprised how dog and children proof it can be.  Any combination of colour and texture using WOOL will add instant warmth and richness. 

This fabric is making its way back in the interior design and fashion worlds with new patterns and colours. Though give applaud to the traditional tweeds, plaids, checks, and tartans that are so familiar to us. 

Simply look at Vogue or any new house magazine, WOOL is in the headlines - for modern and traditional design interpretations.   Warm colours suit the northern light and sea climate that we have in the UK.  You will feel good about entering the room and feel good that you have contributed by using a renewable and sustainable resource that comes from free-grazing sheep.

As an interior designer/decorator I am passionate about natural fabrics, in particular wool, to be used in interior schemes.    I support The Campaign for Wool which is a global community of sheep farmers, retailers, designers, manufacturers and you, the wool lover!  Their patron is HRH, The Prince of Wales.

The Campaign for Wool is a truly collaborative initiative involving farmers, textile manufacturers, carpet makers, fashion & interior designers and artisans from around the world.  . This in turn, supports many small businesses and local farmers whose livelihoods depend on the wool industry.

Wool has come a long way in refinement and us - from itchy and rough to stylish, lighter weight, and easier to care for.  WOOL offers  a beautiful and highly practical option for home décor. Wool is a natural fibre that offers amazing versatility and provides high levels of proven performance, so you can be sure woollens will withstand the rigours of everyday family life whilst maintaining their great appearance for many years.

• Wool provides a soft and luxurious feeling to flooring and softly cushions your tread.

• It is warm and cosy, helps reduce heat loss which in turn helps improve energy efficiency, saving money and carbon.

• Wool curtains provide excellent sound absorption – Wool flooring (carpets and rugs) reduces sound reverberation within rooms, room to room, and floor to floor.

• Durability with long lasting appearance - Wool has a uniquely robust quality which enables it to resist flattening and create bounce back despite repeated pressure.

• Enjoying a unique natural cell structure, Wool can work in harmony with its environment, enabling it to breathe and absorb moisture – reducing the level of humidity in the room.

• Wool is hypoallergenic, it will limit floating dust by capturing the particles in its top layer until vacuumed. Woollens can reduce contaminants within the air by its ability to absorb continuously and hold them within their core permanently. It is anti-static - its fibres help keep lint, dirt, and dust away from itself.

• Wool is flame resistant-difficult to ignite and does not melt; has self- extinguishing qualities 

• New Wool is a practical and easy to maintain interior and fashion fibre. Some New Wool throws and blankets are machine washable on a gentle, cool cycle.

Sourcing colour and fabric can be overwhelming.  But if you need help, contact local designers, curtain makers, and upholstery tradespeople to help you.  Using an interior designer can be less expensive than you think.  Ask for a quote per room/job.

Thank you, Christine  

Thank you to Joules for the lovely photo of their woolen throws available online and in selected stores

How do you make your home warm and cosy for winter? Please feel free to comment below or send us your ideas to


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