About us

A big hello and thank you for visiting Ruralmums. We are independent. Just two working mums with day jobs, supported by a fantastic group of contributors, who are passionate about the countryside. Our aspiration is for Ruralmums to be a friendly, inspiring and supportive community for country-minded folk to share their interests, hopes, concerns and chocolate cake recipes.

It’s intended for those who live in the countryside wherever that may be. It’s also for mothers whose hearts lie in the country even if their bodies don’t.

The story so far….

Two mums arrived in rural Rutland in the noughties, when their children were still small. One from the big city life in London. The other from a tiny country hamlet in Cheshire.

They chatted about everything from which local butchers was best to what their children might be viewing on the internet. It felt so good to connect and share their lives with women treading a similar path. They were absorbed in a friendly, inspiring, and fun-loving community and enjoyed the immediacy of connection and support of a close-knit group of like-minded mums.

And so the seed was sown, and several years, a few dramas and much laughter later, Ruralmums launched in 2012.

Then life took an unexpected turn and Ruralmums had to pause – we like to think of it being left fallow, given time to rest and regenerate whilst other priorities were faced.

June 2021

One mum remained. A new family arrived in the village who shared a desire to realise the ambition of Ruralmums. With mutual aspirations, the decision to relaunch was made, and the future of RM was assured.

To help maintain the website, we’ll make a small amount of money every time you click on one of the adverts.

Juggling family, work and home life is never easy, but if you believe in something enough you dig deep and make it happen. We have already met some wonderful and inspiring women and we are beyond excited to share Ruralmums with you.

We hope you will join us on this journey – who knows where it will take us, but it will definitely be an adventure getting there.

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