Choosing Cushions for Your Home

by Ellen Upton – Rhubarb & Hare

What do we want? Cushions!

When do we want them? Now!

The lovely Ellen from homeware store Rhubarb and Hare gives five tips to think about when choosing cushions.

If you hadn’t already guessed then I am indeed a cushion addict.  And believe me, I say that with great pride.  Cushions are often an underestimated home item and they absolutely shouldn’t be.  They are a great way to change up a room quickly and easily, adding colour, depth and interest when you want a simple refresh.

Here’s my Top Five Tips to think about when Choosing Cushions:

1. Be Bold

The great thing about cushions is that you can be a lot more exciting with your cushion fabric than you would perhaps elsewhere.  An array of cushions in different textures, fabric and sizes on a plain sofa can totally transform the feel of a room.  And a bolder pattern on a bed cushion can add another layer that gives a room a luxury feel.

2. Mix up Patterns/Colours

Don’t just opt for cushions of the same colour as your sofa – go for a range that will add real interest.  Start with an accent colour that goes with the room or tones with the sofa.

You could mix a couple of plain cushions with floral or plain against some with stripes?   Or how about velvet with tweed?

At Rhubarb & Hare we often twin fabrics with two different prints on each side.  The contrast works so well and it’s great if you want a quick change or two.  One day I may feel in a floral mood, the next stripey!  (pink cushion to go here)



3. Mix up Sizes

On a sofa you can mix up square, rectangular and even some bolster cushions.

On your bed you could choose two square cushions to sit in front of the pillows on each side, and then, you could have a different, long cushion that sits in front of them both across the middle.  That gives a room a real luxury hotel vibe and is always gorgeous to sink into.

4. It’s in the Detail

I am a real detail person and I always love an extra detail in my cushions like a pom pom or fan edge trim.

Now I know not everyone is going to love those sorts of trimmings but it could be just a little something like tweed piping on a velvet cushion and voila, sheer perfection.

5. Fall in Love

I know, I know! We are still talking about cushions but I am a big believer in buying things that you absolutely love and make you feel happy.  In fact I’ve built my entire home ware store on this ethos.  If you have to buy something for your home, it should be something special that you absolutely love, so that every time you use it or see it you feel happy.  And generally I find that you’ll buy things that work together.  So next time you’re out and you see a cushion you love, just buy it!  I promise you it will fit into your home somewhere!

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