Never get lost again – what3words

In order to identify an exact location and share this with others, five years ago the founders of what3words divided the entire surface of the planet into a grid of squares, each one measuring 3 metres by 3 metres. There are an unbelievable 57 trillion of these squares, and each one of them has been assigned a unique three-word address.

Where I am sitting now in my living room has the three-word address “vintages.stuffy.animals”.  It is a simple and effective way to allow people to know and navigate to a precise location.

There has been further criticism on the news of What3Words, which you will find if you google it, however it is used by the emergency services and I have the App downloaded.  However, remember that to use the App on your phone, you need to have a signal – no signal no App.

RM Tip – Having got ourselves very lost in the Culbin Woods last year, if there is a map at the start of the walk we always take a photo so we can refer to it as we go, even if you don’t have a phone signal.

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