Supporting each other through the pandemic

During the pandemic our village embraced technology to share offers of support, advice and perhaps most importantly, camaraderie to one another.

The first WhatsApp group ‘The Support Team’ was set up to offer assistance to those who were forced to shield during the first lockdown. Working a bit like a dating App, those in need were matched with someone who could run errands such as prescription collection and food deliveries. It was quickly realised that not everyone has a smart phone and a door drop and posters round the village made sure that as many people as possible were aware of the support available.

Staying connected and developing a sense of belonging is very important. The second group has been something of a revelation to many villagers and is called the Socially Distant Society! Posts range from the helpful to the downright hilarious. We have seen reports of escaped sheep, sightings of the veg van and most recently, the size of Karl’s ‘Jeremy’ (his sunflower).

Everyone is enthusiastic for this group to keep going – perhaps a positive impact of Covid after all.

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