Priddy Essentials

PRIDDY creates luxurious and most becoming practical products that challenge the ideas of tradition and push them forward for our  current times

Striking a balance between traditional craft methods and modern design processes, our work is influenced by Scandanavia and Japan, regions that focus on simplicity in design and place high values on doing more with less.

Our perfumes and fragranced products are all hand blended by us and made in small batches using parraben free and sps free bases. Everything is hand packaged with meticulous care and confected in limited quantities to ensure that we maintain the rarity of our offer.

We are designer makers with a passion for new ideas, but a huge respect for time worn products and vintage trades. We believe in encouraging a creative life and the use of traditional skills.

We have a shop , “PRIDDY ESSENTIALS” in a listed Georgian building on the lovely High Street of Uppingham in Rutland. We support local artists with a similar ethos to that of our own and  we regularly showcase other makers’ work in our shop.

When you purchase from us you can be confident that you have a truly handcrafted product, gently and lovingly made, and if you contact us you will speak to a person who knows the product intimately. They may even have made it themselves.

To visit our online store click here.

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